At the end of my call with a client he said to me, "Wow!  I knew I had to take this next critical step but I didn't want to acknowledge it or even say it out loud before today."  I have heard that statement more than once from people.

We all have dreams and goals but often we sabotage them because of fear.  Once we say it out loud or write it down it feels as if we are at a new level of responsibility for our dreams.  We might have to take action.  That in itself can be scary as heck! 

I have been writing for years.  I love writing!  I would write whenever I could steal a few free hours in a week.  Naturally those hours were pretty limited!  Not very many people knew that I was passionate about writing.  I guess you could say I was a closet writer

A few years ago I was working on my vision board and came to a surprising realization.  I never included anything related to my writing on my board.  It is something I truly enjoy and what writer doesn't want to have their work published! 

It was fear that kept me from setting goals with my writing.  The fear of someone reading my work and thinking it was terrible.  The fear of all the time and effort into getting it published.  The fear of being successful.  Yes, that is a fear. How has fear crippled your dreams and goals?

I have now published two books and I'm working on my third manuscript.  Was it worth pushing through my fear?  Definitely!  It feels so good to know that I accomplished this awesome goal.  Check them out here!

How did I get to this point?  I acknowledged that I wanted to publish my work.  I took action by making it a priority in my life and schedule.  I worked through the fear and told others about my writing goals.  Do I still fear it?  Of course I do!  So what has changed?  I have chosen to not let the fear stand in my way of achieving my goals.  I know not everyone is going to like what I write but I'm okay with that.  I know there will be days when I want to give up because the story isn't coming together but I won't throw in the towel.

"Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid.  Courage means you don't let fear stop you."  -Bethany Hamilton

What are your dreams and goals?  How has fear been stopping you from accomplishing them?  I believe you have the courage within you to push through that fear.   

Do you need clarity in your dreams or setting goals?  Consider working with a life coach.  We will help you define your goals and set realistic action steps to help you succeed and kick fear out of the driver's seat.


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